Pricing & Plans

Monthly Pricing
Transaction Fee / Success Fees 6% of funds raised or Rs. 2000 (whichever is higher) + Payment gateway charges (3%) + *Taxes as applicable
User Limit 1
Fundraiser, Event, Donation Form limit 1 at a time
Web Hosting Unlimited
Payment Options Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Diners & Cheque pick up
Core Features
Donation Forms
Crowdfunding Fundraisers
Design, Mobile, API
White-label Fundraiser & Event Builder Unlimited
Mobile Optimization
Vanity URLs
Impact Bar Displays
Community Management
Supporter: Do-It-Yourself Fundraising
Supporter: Log-In & Profiles
Supporter: Current & Past Activity
Supporter: Re-Send Donation Receipts
Supporter: Edit Contact & CC Info
Email Your Supporter Community
Segment & Message Lists
Reporting & Admin
Segmentation, Filtering & Exporting Data
Off-line Donations (manual entry)
Email Support (Donors & Fundraisers Incl.)
Phone Support (Donors & Fundraisers Incl.)
Fundraiser Consulting & Content Curation
Priority Email & Phone Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Social Media Marketing


  • All the foreign money you receive will be transferred to you in USD via one of the following:

    1. Wire Transfer: If the fundraiser raises $500 or more. Please note that there's a one time $45 charge applicable.
    2. Cheque: If the fundraiser raises less than $500. Please note there's a One time $5 charge applicable.

    Currency exchange rate would depend on the receivers bank

  • *Taxes as applicable : GST of 18% will be charged additionally on Ketto Success Fee (not on the total funds raised)
  • GST credit will be available to customers who submit the GST details timely on our portal
  • Advertising & Media buying cost will be deducted from the funds raised if applicable
  • Ketto Success Fee would be calculated on actual amount collected and not goal amount.
  • If you have any queries email