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Know Your Rights to Report Sexual Violence

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We started our work in India 3 years ago and our supporters have traveled with us every step of the way.

This year we are making a significant step forward with the confidence that you, new or existing, will stand with us.

In July 2015, we launched a unique pilot programme in Bengaluru in association with the Bengaluru police in 10 police stations.

This is why we started it

92% of Indian women who face sexual violence never seek any help at all. 99% of women never report it to the police.

Yes. A police station can be an intimidating place for us to go to. The thought of registering a complaint raises numerious concerns in our mind.

'How will I be treated there?' 'What kind of questions will I be asked?' 'Does my experience count as sexual harassment at all?' 'Will the police even file an FIR or dismiss my complaint?'

How do we handle these fears? How do we encourage reporting of sexual violence?

We decided to sensitize the police to women's fears through community events with the police.

Simultaneously, we addressed people's misconceptions about reporting sexual violence through our 'Know Your Rights' programme.

Working with the police and the community simultaneously and bridging the gap removes concerns and fears.

The police extended their whole-hearted support.

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Here are links to coverage of our launch by major national and regional news publications : The Hindu, TOI, Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicle, Udayavani, DNA, Citizenmatters, Quint.


Why should you support the 'Know Your Rights' programme?

Firstly, positive feedback from students, employees and communities has been heartening. We have improved and tweaked and are constantly working on new ways to achieve our objectives.

Secondly, since our launch in July, 2015, we have kept marching with our supporters' help.

- We launched virtual reality kiosks to inform people about how to report sexual violence
- We started missed call and WhatsApp services for women to seek help anytime anywhere
- We have just launched our e-learning platform - - which hosts an animated video course on 'How to file an FIR against sexual violence'. Do enroll and take the course yourself.
- We have conducted information sessions in 2 colleges in Bengaluru already and we've visited companies in and outside Bengaluru. We've scheduled more in the coming months.
- We tied-up with '' - a student opportunity portal used by ~4 lakh students to offer these courses
- We tied-up with - an e-learning platform to help students learn
- Most importantly, the Pune police too has agreed to launch this initiative this Monday (21st December). This is great news!

Now we want to scale this programme up to more cities, colleges and communities with the commitment to inform 1 Lakh people in 2016 and we need you, our supporters, aga

We need your contribution, however small or big, to keep going. We want as many of us as possible to get involved.

Your donation to Amnesty International India is tax deductible under 80G.


Here are our costs to achieve our commitment to inform 1 Lakh people in 2016

- Content creation: INR 2.5 Lakhs (This includes translation of content to regional languages, adaptation of content for offline and online media)

- Awareness building: INR 3.5 Lakhs (This includes costs of spreading awareness online via social media, mailing lists, blogging platforms, PR activities, third-party learning platforms etc)

- Operations: INR 4 Lakhs (This includes costs of hosting and maintaining our e-learning platforms, organizing community events, organizing informational sessions in colleges and companies etc)

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Share this campaign with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also help us reach our target of informing 1 Lakh people in 2016 by simply sharing with 10 of your friends. Together, we can achieve this target.

If you, our supporters, get involved, start conversations and help your immediate communities stay informed, we can remove fears of reporting sexual violence.

In July 2015, inviting citizens of Bengaluru to support the initiative, the Former Bengaluru Commissioner said, “We want you to be a part of the system. We are, after all, your police.”

Let us answer the call through the 'Know Your Rights' programme.

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 About Amnesty International:

We are a Nobel Peace prize winning global movement of 7 million people who take injustice personally and help people claim their rights through education and training. Within 3 years of our work in India, 3 million Indians have supported us in our work on defending people’s rights.

We are entirely funded by individuals like you. We do not accept funds from governments or political organizations.


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